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Custom MetaStock Programming

MetaStock Formula Language

Do You Have A MetaStock Coding Request Or Formula Question? I provide a quick and inexpensive coding consultation service to get you the answers you need fast! Even though it's best to learn how to program MetaStock yourself at times you just need the answer right now. You don't have time to try and code a formula yourself.
  * Maybe you have a system for securities trading you need coded up in MetaStock.
  * Maybe you'd like the code for an indicator you read in a book.
  * Or maybe you need help tweaking a system.
If you cannot devote the time to learn how to program MetaStock using the MetaStock Formula Language, or you have tried and cannot get your code working just the way you want, I can help. I can write your system in the MetaStock Formula Language and document the work so you know exactly how the code works. No locked or hidden code. No tricks. No forward referencing!

Whatever the reason, my coding consultation service is just what you need. You'll get the sharpest MetaStock minds around working for you. Just imagine how much time and effort you will save leaving it to the experts.

External Formulae

There are some problems which are just too complicated for the MetaStock Formula Language, so it maybe necessary to write an external function file for your solution. These files are commonly called .dll files, add-ons or plug-ins. Quoting from the "MetaStock Developers Kit User Manual":
MSX DLLs can perform calculations of virtually unlimited complexity. You have the full power of conventional programming languages like C or Pascal with all of their logic, data manipulation and rich flow-control capabilities.

MetaStock Delphi Wrapper

As doing a lot of Delhi MSX programming, I developed a special library named „Metastock Delphi Wrapper” (MDW). This is an special sets of Delphi classes, that wraps low level structure of DLL calls, giving an robust access to MSX in an object oriented way. That library allows me to quickly develop MSX external function thus allowing more aggressive pricing for my work. Also, thanks to MDW the source code in Delphi can be used as easy to follow illustration of program flow. MDW eliminates unreadable to most of my customers complex data structures, array pointers, etc, and greatly simplifies the code. Among others features this library allow for:
  * Extend the number of parameters that can be passed to MSX External function. (Originally bounded to max 9).
  * Allows detailed logging of “inside MSX function code”.
  * Exposes passed data by Delphi properties, making programming extremely easy.
  * By performing boundary checks, protects against poorly designed algorithms that could crash MetaStock or even the whole operating system.
My rates:

$50.00 US per hour (prorata after the first hour), a minimum $175.00 US. Prices negotiable on complex and extensive systems.