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Java language, which is for me the main programming language, is fully cross platform so that Java applications can be successfully deployed on most server and desktop operating systems known today following the main Java concept "implement once, deploy everywhere".

Java EE defines a mulitier development platform for building enterprise systems. The platform is fully opened to any vendor implementations as long as those implementations follow the well defined JEE standards which include guidelines for most enterprise software architecture areas as database connectivity (JDBC), data persistence and object-relational mapping (EJB), XML solutions, messaging (SOAP, JAXM), presentation layers (JSP, JSF).

Numerous Java based frameworks, libraries and tools provide companies with the ability to shorten their time-to-market and focus on solving real business problems and meeting their clients needs. Open Java standards assure no vendor lock-in and allow to migrate and scale from one solution to another very quickly.

All Java platform advantages were proved during thousands of successful enterprise class projects around the world. All top market vendors are involved in continuous process of Java platform improvement process.

My wide knowledge on market's best open source and commercial Java solutions and tools allows me to deliver you state of the art, scalable, portable and secure enterprise applications meeting your business needs in the shortest time possible, among them:

•Enterprise software development using well known and proved full stack Java EE frameworks like Struts, Spring etc.
•Portable solutions working with every database using Java EE data abstraction and persistence layers (JDBC, Hibernate, EJB)
•Web applications development deployable on world's leading application servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere)
•XML / XSLT based solutions
•PKCS solution including eCommerce and DDI
•Systems integrations based on Web Services and messaging services (JAXM)
•Desktop applications development with platform independent GUI (Swing, SWT)