Software development services

What do I offer

If you need any custom software developed please get in contact with me, I can create the solution to your problem. The cost for each project can be negotiated based on the size and complexity of the task. I am a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. principle and Occam's razor ("Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity." or it's more popular version, "The simplest explanation is usually the best."; in trivia: "Keep It Sophistically Simple") I guarantee exclusivity and confidentiality - a NDA is not a problem.

I aim at making practical solutions that correspond to the exact needs of my customers. I also want to avoid to reinvent the wheel when existing tools are already there to provide a solution I need. For this reason, I tend to use a big number of existing Open Source technologies (I especially target JAVA).

I believe in Design Patterns for the reason that they allow me to apply successful strategies to my Designs. They also allow people to exchange design information based on well known foundations of knowledge.


That’s a difficult question when there is no exact specification. In general if there is very clear specification, I always try to set a fixed price and time boundary for the project. If specification is open or service is more consulting then the hourly pricing model is more appropriate. I usually bid starting at $20 per effective (meaning coding) hour. Less for longer services more for fewer hours of service. I use similar rates to estimate budgets for projects with well defined specifications. I do not charge for any extra or hidden costs. The agreed amount is always the invoice amount. You always treat my invoice as external company service.

Payment Method

I am open to any particular payment method, provided we enter into a simple "work for hire" contract or similar agreement. As I am sole proprietorship, I prefer to operate under this business entity (yes, I pay taxes on my revenue and issue invoices). I have a ZERO (0) Dollar Advance Scheme that provides a safe avenue for you to experience our service before paying. Every larger project will be split into mile-stones and the detailed proposal will have a mile-stone based estimate. Before commencement I require you to create an Guru Escrow of the first milestone estimate (or whole amount for short or small projects), and on delivery and acceptance of the milestone, you can release the Escrow. Further payments utilize the same schema. If you do not like to operate under rules, the only way to use my services is front payment.

I am happy to accept payment by Guru Escrow, Wire transfer and Paypal.

Infrastructure & Security

My home office is a fully equipped facility. The hardware platforms include High-End Quad Intel Processor Server with virtualization technology (UNIX, Linux, Windows), dedicated NAS storage, RDC clients, hardware Linux based router and firewall. The communication facility is 20 Mbps leased line with a 512 Kbps backup connection. Internal connections are GigaEthernet based.

The office is also equipped with redundant power capabilities with 24 hour power backup. It also facilities high security through network security by firewall implementations and other isolation mechanisms. The NAS storage and server hard drives as well as all my laptops are encrypted with 256 bit AES algorithm. The whole possession is discretely monitored and security alarm is deployed all over the building.
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